I am a Photographer from Toronto, Ontario specializing in Landscape and Nature Photography.

When I am not busy running a Medical Imaging Center, I enjoy being within and photographing all that surrounds us. I have a portfolio, which embraces the beauty of this country as well as some of my travels to Costa Rica, Northern Arizona, Utah Yosemite Valley and Death Valley National Parks.

In our busy lives these days, we often forget that we are deeply rooted by nature in many ways. It is part of our essence and I feel a strong connection to its beauty. To me nature is purest form of art. I am fascinated with way the sun constantly inter plays with our natural environments. I feel privileged to witness and capture it.

For me, photography is the perfect method to express and share my passion for the beauty around us. I am always searching for new perspectives while avoiding the ordinary. My passion goes far beyond seeking the sights. The real pleasure comes full circle when viewing the art in print and putting it on display for others to enjoy. I invite you to come and visit my Photography  Gallery in Toronto!                                       

Introduction to the Photographer and his Gallery Video

Please email me at jag@jagdhanju.com

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