March 21 2015-  Featured in Dolce Magazine Spring 2015

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March 19 2015 - New Release: "Cold as Ice"

Monochrome edition

Location: Tiffany Falls, Hamilton Ontario

Description: Early last week, Tiffany Falls was still mostly frozen.  We had a few  mild days since and something was telling me that things were about  to change. To my delight , I arrived to find a beautiful balance between ice and flowing water.  I just had to get right in there and experience the power of mother nature!

December 28 2014 -Feature Print: "Calling it a Day"

Location: Sint Maarten,  Caribbean island

Description: After a beautiful sunny day, the afternoon draws to a closure.  The sun gives it's last bit of glowing warmth over this pictureque southern Dutch shore. It brings a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Oct 25 2014 - Feature Print : "Autumn Rapidly Approaches"

Location: Oxtongue River Rapids, between Muskoka and Algonquin Park, Ontario

Description: The smell of autumn foliage fills the air and the crisp sounds of freshly fallen leaves are heard with every step taken. The path has bought me to this Majestic location. I pause for awhile and take it all in before I prepared to capture it’s beauty!

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